About Harmony Server Installation

At the heart of the Harmony solution is the server, which centralizes all the production assets in a repository. Loaded with production proven tools to manage administration tasks, the server is completely flexible and will fit in with your existing infrastructure, whether you're on Windows, Mac or Linux.

Control Centre

In addition, the server is critical at the end of a production for rendering projects efficiently. The rendering process, controlled directly by the server, not only renders production scenes but also executes the batch vectorization of the scanned drawings. You can send an unlimited number of scenes to render and change their priorities depending on your deadline. You can also render final frames locally or batch process over a network in the background or at scheduled times.

You can install Harmony Server on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

If you plan to also use a render farm or batch vectorize scanned drawings, you will also need to set up the batch processing tasks.

You can also install the Web Control Center to access your server locally or remotely. The Web Control Center lets you host the server on the Internet. This way, freelancers can log in from anywhere with an Internet connection. Then they can download a scene from the server, work on it, and upload it again.

You no longer need to spend time copying files to an FTP or require an administrator to export and import files from the server. You can do it all directly through the Web Control Center.

NOTE: To use the Web Control Center outside your network, you must use the options related to SSL Server in order to secure your connection—see About Web Control Center on Linux for your operating system.
IMPORTANT: Make sure to shut down all the services on the Web Control Center server when you upgrade the version. If you don't, it will not replace the startup scripts because they will be busy and locked. Make sure to do this before installation.

If you also plan to use an industrial scanner and the Scan module to batch scan and vectorize drawings, refer to the Scan Guide to learn how to install and set up the scanner.