Advanced Tips and Guidelines for Mac OS X

These are useful tips, guidelines and information for advanced users.

Unicode Guidelines

Here are some useful guidelines to keep in mind if you are considering using Unicode:

Because the Unity game engine does not support Unicode characters, it is recommended to avoid using it in scenes intended for games.
Unicode characters cannot be used for parent folders of USA_DB and USADATA.
To zip a scene with Unicode in its name, use 7zip which is included in the package; the regular zip cannot handle some Unicode characters.
  • SMB sharing is needed for Unicode characters as NFS shares do not support Unicode.


  • Offline scenes with Unicode characters cannot be imported on Mac OS X 10.10.5 and 10.11.
  • A scene name with Unicode characters cannot be opened through the Harmony Web Control Center.
  • If a scene name contains Unicode characters, the following commands in the File menu cannot be used: Update Database Scene and Download Database Changes.
  • Mac samba client for Linux server: Unicode does not support NFS.
  • Users of usabatch: There are limitations when using samba with Unicode.
NOTE: On Mac OS X 10.10.5 and 10.11, there is an auto-mount issue. You must unmount and remount using the script located in this folder: /Applications/Toon\ Boom\ Harmony\version\edition\ Network/tba/resources/samples/.

Configuring the Mount as Samba

NFS on Mac OS X does not correctly support Unicode characters. The user will have problems with incompatible or unreadable files when using NFS on an external Linux storage. This is especially important on hybrid systems where more than one operating system is involved.

Samba correctly 'normalizes' the Unicode character encoding (see Unicode character normalization). However, Samba must be mounted as a drive by the user. Basically, the user mounts the share when logging in, so they have access to the share. If the samba mount command is put in the /etc/fstab file, the share is mounted by root and is only accessible by root. In this case, the only way to mount a samba share is to use the auto_master and auto_smb files.

Flexible Scene Data Placement

Since the /USADATA and /USA_DB directories no longer need to be placed at the root of your file system, you can place them wherever you like. This is useful when using third-party asset management and tracking systems.

If you choose to place the directories at a location other than the root, you can create a shortcut that points to the location of the file system without using the .lnk shortcuts on Windows or the symbolic links on Mac and Linux.