Unable to Import Scenes on Linux

If you are unable to import a scene, there might be an error with the database server. Try to perform the following:

  • Verify the Dbserver.log file. It is usually stored in /tmp.

If there is no log file, restart the Dbserver.

/sbin/service USAnimation_dbserver restart

If there is a log file, the last few lines in the file will give you an indication as to the problem with the Dbserver.

  • If you get an error in the log about the machine name, verify the /USA_DB/Dbserver.conf file and make sure the hostname matches the machine name of the Harmony server.
  • If you get errors about the port number, verify that the port name in the Dbserver.conf file is not used by another service. Type netstat -a to see a list of port numbers used by the machine. If another service is using port 5678, change the port number in Dbserver.conf to any unused number above 5000.
  • Restart the Dbserver.

/sbin/service USAnimation_dbserver restart