Setting Up the Database Server on Linux

After installation, set up the database configuration for computers running Harmony.

The Dbserver controls all interactions with the contents of the Toon Boom Harmony database. It processes all requests to open, read or update files, keeping track of locked files so they cannot be edited by anyone.

When installing Harmony on the server for the first time, the Harmony database folder is created automatically. Verify that the folder was created correctly. Look for the USA_DB folder in the root folder /USA_DB. If you do not see the folder, then create it using the create_usa_db script:

/usr/local/ToonBoomAnimation/harmony[edition]_14/lnx86_64/bin/create_usa_db /USA_DB

Next, create and edit the Dbserver.conf file to set up the Dbserver. Then run a script to start it.