Checking Your Pre-Installation Configuration on Linux

Explaining how to install CentOS Linux is beyond the scope of this documentation. For information on how to installe CentOS, refer to the CentOS documentation:

Following are some considerations for CentOS Linux installation.

  • Before installing Linux, make sure the distribution you will be installing is 64-bit. Harmony 14 will not work if the OS is not 64-bit.
  • Harmony has been tested and certified for use on the GNOME windows manager.
  • Harmony works best with a minimum screen resolution of 1280 pixels x1024 pixels x 24-bit. If CentOS cannot detect your monitor, configure the monitor as a generic CRT or an LCD with this resolution and a 60 Hz refresh rate. Alternatively, consult your monitor manufacturer's documentation.
  • If you are new to Linux, it is recommended that you create a boot disk to facilitate recovery.
IMPORTANT: To ensure that Harmony servers and clients can communicate without issue, the following document instructs how to disable the Linux firewall as well as SELinux. If you choose to do that, it is important to ensure that your domain has effective site-wide security measures to prevent unauthorized access to your network. Otherwise, you will have to manually configure your Linux firewall and SELinux to allow Harmony to function without issue without compromising your network security.