About the tbprocess Program

The tbprocess program monitors the database queues for batch processing work to be done. When it finds a batch processing job to complete, it launches the appropriate Vectorize or Render programs to process the job (you can monitor these jobs using the queues in the Control Center module. In order for a machine to perform the batch processing, you must launch the tbprocess program on it.

You can use a set of schedules to better manage the batch processing on your Harmony system. While scheduling dictates the type and time a machine will perform batch processing, the tbprocess program does the actual batch processing work (for both vectorize and render batch processing).

There are several ways to start the tbprocess program on a machine and then verify that it is running. You can run only one session of tbprocess per machine. If you try to run more than one tbprocess session, nothing happens (the first session keeps running). By opening the log file, you can monitor the jobs taking place in the tbprocess session.

NOTE: Remember that just because tbprocess is running on a machine, it does not mean that the machine is actually doing any batch processing work at that moment. The schedules determine the location and time when the machines perform batch processing work.