About PSD Files

Harmony allows you to export the contents of your scene as a PSD layout. This can be helpful for scene setup, background art retakes, or even planning of animation. For more information, see About Staging to learn more about the scene setup task.

Before exporting a layout, all the elements must be well positioned. For example, if you plan to include a camera movement in this scene, you should also set this up, as you can export the camera keyframes to generate a clear and complete layout.You can also create all the layouts for your production in the same Harmony project which can be imported later on when you start each scene’s project. This will help set up the scene and begin its creation. You can use the layout .psd files to create the background art of each scene and make sure everything is correctly framed and at the right size. Finally, you can also have a layer with a drawing of the rough poses of the character or action and generate your layout posing from there.

NOTE: Because the layout image is one static .psd file, only the first frame of your drawing layers will be exported—see About Staging and About Motion Paths.