About the Brush Tool


The Brush tool is pressure sensitive and lets you create a contour shape with a thick and thin line effect, as if it was created with a paint brush.

With the Brush tool, you can draw as vector or bitmap, depending on the type of drawing layer you are using.

If you draw with vector, you can enlarge your drawing and zoom into it without losing quality or resolution. You can also use the Contour Editor and Select tools to resize and modify lines.

If you draw with bitmap, you will not be able to scale your drawing beyond 100% of its resolution without encountering pixelization issues.

There are a variety of brush styles provided with Harmony, which you can use to create and save your own brush style. This lets you create brushes with precise sizes and parameters and save them so you can draw and design with them. Renaming a brush can make it easier to identify and access the brushes you use most frequently.

You can also create a dynamic brush for drawing with patterns created from your artwork. Create a new dynamic brush to copy a pattern you have drawn to reproduce it quickly. You can create dynamic brushes using a single or multiple patterns that automatically switch through the patterns as you draw.

NOTE: To learn more about the Brush tool options, see Brush Tool Properties (Bitmap) and Brush Tool Properties (Vector).