Resetting Transformations

With the Reset command, you can return a selected element to its initial position and scale values, depending on which tool is active. For example, if the Rotate tool is active, the transformation angle will be reset to 0 and if the Transform tool is active, then all transformation values will be reset.

The Reset All option Resets all transformations on the current frame in a selected layer. Your keyframe will remain, but all the values will return to the starting value. All transformations are reset regardless of the tool you're using.

The Reset All Except Z option resets Resets all transformations on the current frame except the Z position. This is useful when doing cut-out animation. Cut-out puppets often have a particular Z ordering for the different views of a character. You might want to reset the transformation, but not necessarily the Z position.

NOTE: When using the Transform tool to select elements in the Camera view, always make sure the Peg Selection Mode option in the Tool Properties view is disabled or it will limit the selection to peg only.