You can use the Paint tool to click on the zones to repaint. If you click in an empty zone, it will fill the area.

You can repaint lines, zones, and brush strokes using the Repaint tool. The repaint pencil lines more efficiently, see Inking Lines. The Repaint tool does not fill empty zones, even if they are closed.

If you imported and vectorized drawings, during the vectorization process on traditional scanned drawings, triangles are added on the lines' intersections to break the artwork in segments. This way, when you paint a line, it will not repaint the entire drawing, only the relevant segment—see Creating Break Triangles.


The Brush tool can be used to repaint specific segments. The Brush tool's Repaint Brush mode is used to paint a section by manually painting over the lines. This is useful when the vectorization triangles are not placed as you would like or you simply need to repaint a section of a segment. It is also useful for paperless animation, where there are no triangles. So, the Repaint Brush is used to paint a certain area. It acts like the Brush tool, but will only show on painted areas that are already painted.

Unlike the Brush tool's regular mode, the Repaint Brush mode flattens automatically. The brush strokes are not added one on top of each other.

NOTE: To avoid repainting specific colours, see Protecting Colours