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ImportDrawingDlg::TUDrawingImportItem Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 TUDrawingImportItem ()

Static Public Member Functions

static bool stringWithDigitOrdering (TUDrawingImportItem &a, TUDrawingImportItem &b)

Public Attributes

String _fullFileName
String _fileName
String _fileExt
String _timing
String _itemName
String _elementName

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ImportDrawingDlg::TUDrawingImportItem::TUDrawingImportItem ( )

Member Function Documentation

static bool ImportDrawingDlg::TUDrawingImportItem::stringWithDigitOrdering ( TUDrawingImportItem a,
TUDrawingImportItem b 

Used to order items so that those with an empty _timing field end up at the end of the sequence, and the others are sorted using a criterion intended to be equivalent to that used in Playback (see CompareStringWithDigit in tuplaybackwidget.cpp).

Member Data Documentation

String ImportDrawingDlg::TUDrawingImportItem::_elementName
String ImportDrawingDlg::TUDrawingImportItem::_fileExt
String ImportDrawingDlg::TUDrawingImportItem::_fileName
String ImportDrawingDlg::TUDrawingImportItem::_fullFileName
String ImportDrawingDlg::TUDrawingImportItem::_itemName
String ImportDrawingDlg::TUDrawingImportItem::_timing

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