Chapter 39: Export Harmony Animations to Unity

At this point, if you have a custom game engine, you can take the exported data and proceed with your usual process. Or you can modify the export script to fit your convention.

If you’re going into Unity, here are some things you need to do:

Exporting the Animation
Opening the Sample Unity Project
Working in Unity

Exporting the Animation

First, you must put the script in your Scripting toolbar (TB_ExportToSpriteSheets). This script is included in the latest build of Harmony. Make sure to verify that you have the latest version of Harmony.

If you were already using a previous build of the Gaming Pipeline, you will need to remove the old scripts from your preferences, so you can use the new scripts.

Additional Note

The Transparency parameter attached to the element node is exported along with the animation. You can set the transparency through the Layer Properties window (Advanced tab).