Previewing Effects

Most effects must be rendered so you can preview them properly. Some effects can be displayed in the OpenGL view, but most of them must be rendered and previewed in the Render Mode of the Camera view.

Once you preview your effect, you may want to adjust it. By default, as soon as you modify a parameter, Harmony will recalculate the preview image. If your scene is heavy and you do not want the preview rendered automatically, deselect the Auto-Render option and do the preview update manually.

You cannot play back your animation in Render mode. You must perform a render or a preview render to see your animation with the final effects. Effects must be calculated before they can be viewed in real time.

To make your previews calculate faster, you may want to render them at a smaller resolution. You can use the Preview Resolution command so you will not have to modify the resolution of your scene every time you make a check preview.

The Preview Resolution command allows you to quickly get a preview at three-quarter, half, one-third, or one-quarter of the scene resolution. You can even customize the preview resolution size.