Adding Pegs

Now that you have your puppet on stage, you probably need to resize and reposition it to fit the scene. When you need to scale down or move a character, it's a good idea to hook (attach) the whole puppet to a trajectory.

In Harmony, there is a type of layer you can add to your timeline, allowing you to create a motion path or reposition drawings. This trajectory layer is called a peg. Any drawing or layer you hook to a peg will follow the defined motion path, rotation, scaling and skewing information.

Attaching your puppet to a peg allows you to scale and reposition it without having to do the same on all the different parts and pieces. Only one layer will contain the position information, making your animation easier to modify and control.

Next, position your character on the stage by moving it and scaling it to the correct size. You will not scale each layer individually. You can do it on the top symbol or top peg layer.