Adding Extra Drawings

Your break down is now complete. You can move on to adding the extra drawings your character needs, such as principal hand positions and mouth shapes. If you ever forget to add extra drawings in your main character's template, you can easily add them later.

NOTE: Add your extra drawings in the layer corresponding to the part you are drawing. You should see the layers as containers for the different pieces. Each body part has its own container in which you can add more drawings of the same part.

If you want to use the auto lip-sync detection feature to animate your dialog, you should create the following mouths for your puppet.

The mouth shapes used by Harmony are based on the conventional mouth chart used in the animation industry.

NOTE: The letters used to represent the shapes do NOT correspond to an actual sound.
NOTE: If you are doing cut-out animation, refer to the Cut-out Animation Guide, Character Building chapter, "Adding Extra Drawings" topic to learn how to add extra drawings to your character.

Here is an approximation of the sound each mouth shape can produce:

A: m, b, p, h
B: s, d, j, i, k, t
C: e, a
D: A, E
E: o
F: u, oo
G: f, ph
X: Silence, undetermined sound

You can lip-sync the traditional way or let the system automatically create the basic detection.

You can refer to the mouth chart positions as you draw the shape of the character's mouth.