Using the Morphing Tool

Hints are identification points existing in both the source and destination drawings to create associations between the two of them.

To correct morphing distortions, Harmony has different types of hints available for controlling different types of problems:

Contour Hint
Zone Hint
Pencil Hint
Vanishing Point Hint
Appearing Point Hint

Each type of hint has a different purpose and they can all be used in the same drawing. Use the Morphing tool to add hints to your morphing sequences.

A hint will automatically appear in both the source and destination drawings when it is added. A hint cannot exist in a single drawing. If you delete a hint from one drawing, it will be also deleted from the other.

The key to placing your hints is to put them where the biggest problem is. Fix the largest distortions first, this may also fix the smaller ones at the same time.

Do not add too many hints, this is a common mistake when morphing, it takes some practice to learn how to correctly use and place hints.