Chapter 35: Morphing

Hand-drawn animation requires you to spend a lot of time tracing in-between drawings. Harmony speeds up the process using its helpful morphing feature. This powerful and useful feature creates computer-generated drawings and places them between vector drawings to save time and increase productivity. Animation created with the morphing feature can be reused in different projects. You can easily modify the timing and velocity (ease in and ease out).

One of the main uses of the morphing feature is effects animation. For example, animating smoke or water can be time-consuming because these types of effects are usually slow moving requiring a large number of closely placed inbetweens.

This chapter is divided as follows:

Understanding Morphing
Source and Destination Drawings
Morphing Rules
Creating a Basic Morphing Sequence
Tool Properties View
Adjusting the Velocity and Timing
Morphing Tool and Hints
Morphing Layers
Morphing Two Sequences in a Row
Inserting a Morphing Key Drawing
Converting Morphing Inbetweens to Drawings
Morphing Holes and Transparencies
Adjusting the Morphing Quality
Tips and Tricks