Sharing the Colour Model

When your colour models are prepared and organized in a colour model scene, it's time to share them.

The Library is a central repository for all the data which will be reused throughout the production. It can be accessed from any Harmony scene; if multiple users are connected to the same network, all machines can access a central library. These models can be shared among all the users to ensure that everyone has the same set of colours and references.

A template is a set of elements created from a Harmony scene that can be imported into other scenes. It can contain drawings, palettes, and any other elements available in Harmony.

A colour model template is very simple to make. When a drawing is stored in the Library, the corresponding palette is attached to it. This means that whenever the colour model is imported from the Library into the scene, the palette is also imported. To learn more about libraries and templates—see the Harmony Cut-Out Animation Guide.

NOTE: It is recommended that you add a colour model subfolder to your library.

In the Timeline view, you can create a template by selecting the drawing element's node. This contains all drawings from the drawing element, palettes, and exposure. A template that was created by selecting the drawing exposure contains the selected drawings, their exposures, and the palettes.