Toon Boom Harmony has some very powerful colouring features when it comes to painting. To paint your drawings, you will use different colour swatches, unlike some other painting programs where you modify the main swatch each time you want to paint with a different colour.

In the Colour view, you choose a different colour swatch for each colour you want to paint in your drawing. You can add as many swatches as you want. You can also rename them and modify existing ones.

When you modify the colour of an existing swatch, it automatically updates all the zones painted with this swatch throughout the entire project. The colour swatch has a unique ID number that associates it with the painted zones. This way, you can change the look of your character at any time without having to repaint it!

This section is divided as follows:

Adding a Colour Swatch
Editing Gradients and Textures
Colour Display Modes
Copying and Pasting Colours
Mixing Colours