Chapter 28: Colour Styling and Colour Models

Colour styling and colour model

Once the characters, props and locations are designed, it's time for the colour styling and colour models creation. This is when the colours and moods are determined. The line models created during the design step are painted and organized as colour models for the colourists.

Harmony has a great concept of colour palettes. Each character can have its own set of colours that is carried through the entire project called the master palette. If the master is modified, the colours in the entire project are updated simultaneously.

By doing the colour styling in Harmony, your master palette will be created at the same time, so you do not need to use third party software. Also you will not have to recreate the colour palette again in Harmony. It is possible to create this step in an external software, but it is a great time saver to do it directly in Harmony.

NOTE: Throughout this section, there may be slight differences between your interface and the illustrations in this guide. This is because the images are taken from Harmony Premium.

To create the colour style and colour models, follow these steps:

Working with Palettes
Painting the Model