Adding an Annotation Column

The annotation columns are useful for marking actions, corrections or other information related to your animation that you want to draw or write. This way, you can print your Xsheet, take it back to your animation table and work with the annotations.

Before you can draw in the Annotation column, you must first activate the Enable Drawing option to activate the Drawing mode. Pen tablet pressure sensitivity is not supported in the annotation column.

In the annotation column, you can type in your notes and relevant information, as well as draw sketches and ideas that will be useful in producing your animation.

Typing in an annotation column is independent from the Drawing mode. You can be in either mode and the typing will work. To learn about typing values in the Xsheet view, see Typing Exposure.

You can erase part or all of the annotation column’s text and drawn annotations. Annotations that you type in cannot be erased using this method.

You can change the pen size and colour when you draw in the annotation column.

When working with the annotation columns, it is useful to display tick marks on odd-numbered frames.

Annotation tick marks

To display the tick marks, you must run a short script.

If you scanned your paper exposure sheet’s annotations or if you need to place some pictures or drawings in the Annotation columns, you can easily import them.