Swf2tvg Utility

The Swf2tvg utility is used to import an SWF file into your scene without using the interface. This will create a .tvg file for each frame. Use the different commands to control the options.

Here is the format you must follow when using Swf2tvg:

Swf2Tvg -palette <palette_file> -usage -help -use_different_palettes

-base_name <base_out_name> -outdir <output directory> -bbox_recenter

-ignore_position -start_index <number> file1 [file2] [file3]

Here are the available Swf2tvg options:





-palette <palette_file>

This option is used to add the colours of the SWF file to the palette file and save it.


This option is used to create a new palette for each SWF file and DOES NOT save any palette.

-base_name <name>

Use this option to automatically rename all generated drawings name-x.tvg where x is an increasing index.

-start_index <index>

Use this option to define the starting index to name the drawings.

The default value is 1.

-outdir <dir>

Use this option to define the output directory for all generated drawings.


This option will transform and position the imported drawings following the position on the stage in the Flash project. This option uses the information that is contained in the SWF PLACE_OBJECT record.

Note: this option does not use -start_index.

-frame_alias <list>

This option uses the comma separated list of names to generate timing information.

This is mainly to convert models.

e.g. -frame_alias FR_%.2d,3Q_%.2d,BK_%.2d"

-base_color_index <index>

Use this option to base the colour index in higher 32 bits.


This option centres drawings according to their bounding box.

This option implies -ignore_position.


Use this option to ignore all sceneplanning information.


This option will display the usage.


This option will display the help information.


This option will display the version information.

If -outdir is not specified, the files will be written in the SWF file current directory.
You can specify any SWF file or PLT file. The PLT files will be read and used to match colours but will not be modified. The only palette modified is the palette specified by the -palette switch.