Pdfimport Utility

The Pdfimport utility is used to import a .PDF or an .AI file as a template without going through the interface. It allows more control and option flexibility over the imported file.

Here is the format you must follow when using Pdfimport:

Pdfimport [options] pdf or ai files

The available Pdfimport options are:



-outdir output_folder

This option defines the folder where the output files will be saved. The defined path is not relative.

-outtemplate output_folder.tpl

This option defines the template name for the converted pages. The defined path can be relative.


This option will automatically convert CMYK colours to RGB. Otherwise, CMYK colours would import as a red colour.


This option will use the Illustrator top level groups as separate drawing names.


Use this option to perform a flatten on each drawings while importing.

Description of Switches

-outtemplate output_folder.tpl

Output template name for converted pages.

-outdir dir

This option defines the output folder for the templates (the defined folder must already exists.)


This option will display the usage.


This option will display the help information.

-v|-version|--version n

This option will display the version information.

The -outdir and -outtemplate options are exclusive; they cannot be used together.
You can only specify one file with the outtemplate option.
If the CMYK colours option is not enabled, the application will output the following error message:
CMYK: Unsupported colorSpace
Pdfimport does not overwrite existing templates, but will overwrite files in outdir.