Modifying the Entries in the Render Queue

After you have a list of entries in your queue, you can modify them in one of the following ways:

  1. Change their state in the queue. This allows you to update the status of a scene, or set of scenes, in the queue from Processing (which means it is being rendered) to Pending (which means the scenes are waiting to be rendered). After you set a job to Pending, the job remains in the queue until a machine becomes available and takes the job or you delete it from the queue.
Click the Change State to Pending button to change the status of the selected entries in the queue from Processing (or Completed) to Pending.
  1. Change the scene's processing priority. This allows you to change the order in which the system renders the scenes.
Click Change Priority to change the selected scene's processing priority in the queue.
When the New Priority dialog box appears, use the scroll bar to increase or decrease the scene's render priority.
  1. Remove scenes from the Render queue. This allows you to cancel the render command on selected scenes.
Click the Delete button to delete the selected entries from the queue.

You can only modify an entry in the render queue while it is pending (check the State column in the queue list); you cannot modify a job that is being rendered.

If you must change something about the scene's drawings, you must wait until the rendering is complete. Then make your changes and send it to the Render queue.

NOTE: If you absolutely must stop the rendering process, you can kill the render process in Windows, Linux or Mac OS X.