Managing Scenes

After you create a scene, you can view some of the scene information in the Scenes list, such as the version, number of frames and status.

NOTE: It is useful to have at least one Display node in your scene as it dictates what is displayed in the movie and thumbnail of the selected scene.

NOTE: Add more categories to the Scenes list by clicking the plus (+) icon at the top-right corner and selecting items to view—see Scenes List.

When creating scenes, you must indicate where you want to store the scene data and where you want the new scene to appear in the Scenes list. You can create a single scene or multiple scenes at the same time.

When deleting a scene, you remove the scene from the Web Control Center window, as well as permanently removing all the information associated with the scene including:

Exposure sheet (and all associated versions)
Database information
Any palettes stored in that scene's palette library

Before you delete a scene:

Be sure you really want to remove all this information from the system.
Are you going to use the scene in the future?
Do you need to archive the scene for future use?
Make sure no one else is currently using the scene. Failure to do this may result in file corruption and loss of work.
Wait until everyone is offline. This ensures no one will open the scene as you are trying to delete it.
NOTE: When selecting scenes from the Scenes list, there is a delay for the first preview/thumbnail update because it is done in batch render.