Analog Sound Scrubbing

Harmony is set to the digital sound scrubbing mode by default. This means that all sounds are played in real time. It also means that as you scrub over a frame, you will hear the section of your sound file that is allotted to that frame. As you are scrubbing, although it is accurate, the sound can sound clipped. It can also be difficult to hear nuances in pitch and tone.

Harmony has an analog sound scrubbing option. When sound scrubbing in this mode, the sound is played back according to the speed that the playhead or jog is manually adjusted. Harmony's interface offers shuttle and jog sliders to perform analog sound scrubbing, however, external hardware and their corresponding software can be used in conjunction with Harmony for improved analog sound scrubbing results.

NOTE: Refer to the device's manual to configure its functionality with Harmony.

Performing an Analog Sound Scrub in Harmony

Before you can perform an analog sound scrub in Harmony, you have to learn about the Shuttle and Jog controls.

Shuttle: Pull the Shuttle control backward or forward to make the red playhead in the Timeline view jump by large increments in the direction you are moving the shuttle.
Jog: Drag the Jog control to make the "dial" rotate. The Jog controls finer incremental movements along the soundwave. Use the Frame field to see the frame number which you are on. As you rotate the dial, your speed in fps appears directly after the FPS field.