About the Model

To begin breaking down your puppet, you must first import your character into a new project. You can also draw your character directly in the scene.

You can import your character in several different formats:

Library template—see Library
Bitmap image or picture—see Importing Bitmap Images
External vector format—see Importing AI and PDF Files

When setting the character model in your scene, we recommend that you to center it in the Camera view and scale it to fit inside the safe area frame—see Field Chart on page 1.

If you have several views of your character, place each view in a separate cell and center them one on top of another. This will facilitate the break down process and ensure that all of your puppets are aligned and the same size.

Photo Puppets

If you are creating a cut-out puppet out of photos, break down the different parts in a bitmap editing software. Then, import your parts and vectorize them as textured images.

A good way to set and import your bitmap parts is to organize them in a multilayered PSD file.

In Adobe Photoshop, organize your file so that all your layers are “grouped” into individual folders, or that all the elements you want to import as a single layer in Harmony are grouped together in their own folder. Any layer that is not in a folder group, by itself or otherwise, will not be imported.