Converting the Layers into Symbols

NOTE: Converting your layers into symbols is optional. When animating, you will need to enter the symbol to create a new drawing. If you want to use morphing when animating, keep your layers as drawings. Do NOT use symbols.

Once the breakdown is completed, you can create symbols out of each drawing. The symbol will encapsulate each drawing of the layer. Later on, even if you only expose the first frame, such as the front head, you will still have access to all of the head drawings you placed in the symbol. This will also allow you to add more drawings, as your characters' master templates will evolve throughout the production of your movie or series.

All your layers should be stored in the library as symbols. Before building your puppet, remove all the current layers in your scene. All of your work is saved in the library.

If you are not sure that you put everything in your library, you can always perform a Save As on your scene and work on a new version.