Toon Boom Harmony 12.2.1 Release Notes

Version 12.2.1


Here are the new features and bug fixes in Toon Boom Harmony 12.2.1:



Feature Description

Support for Japanese and Chinese

The Getting Started Guide and menus in Harmony are now available in both Japanese and Chinese.

Inverted channel version for DPX export file format

There is an inverted channel version for the export file format DPX 16 bits, as well as 10 and 12 bits.

What's Fixed?

Item Fixed Description
Fixed crash

Fixed crash when you had two Camera views, one in OpenGL and one in soft render, and you tried to move an element of the scene.

Fixed issues

Fixed importing scenes from database in Manager application.

Fixed issue where you could not open the queue or send to batch render from previous versions on a 12.2 database.

Fixed export package created from 12.2 Control Center that could not be reimported in a different database.

Fixed scripting interface so you can add FBX elements.