Toon Boom Harmony 12.1.1 Release Notes

Version 12.1.1


Here are the new features, changes, improvements, and bug fixes in Toon Boom Harmony 12.1.1:



Feature Description
Scripting A new scripting API was implemented. It is used in the copy/paste : setPasteSpecialFullTransfer( bool ). This lets you decide if you want to, for example, copy local parameter values when pasting a template in a scene.
Rendering progress messages Improved rendering progress messages in the logs now indicates when all activity to render a frame is finished.
Extracting skew information Added ability to extract skew information from 2D matrices in scripting environment.

What's Fixed?

Item Fixed Description
Fixed crash Fixed crashes when the Convert to New Drawing and Add Deformation Chain command was used on one of multiple layer's children to a deformation group.
Fixed issues A fix was implemented to hide anonymous (ATV-xxxx) columns on the left side of the Xsheet view.
Fixed an issue when deformed bitmap images appeared as white rectangles when reopening a scene.

Fixed an issue related to the blending modes and the glow filter. When overlapping these two filters, some holes were appearing in the render. For the ChannelFix plugin, contact Toon Boom Support.

Fixed the Convert Deformed Drawing to Drawing menu command. When multiple drawing nodes were under the same Transformation Switch, it did not work.
Removed the minimum length of the resting position handles of Curve deformers. It was preventing the creation of smooth curves on very small drawings.
Miscellaneous Reoptimized the playback of scenes with deformations.