Export to Sprite Sheets

The Export to Sprite Sheets window export to multiple resolutions, generating multiple .xml files and one or multiple sprites sheets depending how many sprite resolutions you defined.

This saves different animations of the same character into the same name. For example, if there's an idle, run, and jump animation, these should all share the same Save Name. You can think of it as the overall collection of animations. Inside are the different saved scene versions whose drawings you can reuse for all the animations in that character set. Each scene version will be displayed as an item in the list.

When you export an animation, only the drawings used in that scene are exported. All the drawings are exported individually first and then atlased together into a sprite sheet.

If you saved multiple animations to the same Save Name (i.e. SpaceDuck: run, idle), then it will reatlas the sprite sheet to include all the drawings from all the animations in that folder, creating a new animation file, but reusing the same skeleton.