Ink Tool Properties

When you select the Ink tool, its properties and options appear in the Tool Properties view.

Icon Tool Name Tool

Lasso and Marquee

The Lasso and Marquee options let you choose the type of selection the current tool will perform. The default selection mode is Marquee.

Lasso lets you draw a custom selection box around zones.
Marquee makes a rectangle selection box.
NOTE: NOTE: Hold down the Alt key to switch to toggle between the selection modes.
Show Inkable Lines Highlights all pencil lines (no brush strokes) on the selected layer. Pencil line segments that are already inked with the selected swatch colour from the colour palette are also not highlighted.
Be Smart on Connecting Lines

As you hover and move the cursor across intersecting pencil lines, the path that you create will be highlighted. When you click on your mouse or stylus the highlighted segments are inked. With this option disabled, all the intersecting segments that your cursor comes near will be highlighted and become part of the selection, even if they were not situated in the direction of the chosen path.

NOTE: NOTE: This option only works if the Ink tool is in Hover mode.
Select Mode Use this mode instead of the Hover Mode. In the Hover Mode, any potentially inkable pencil line will have its central vector line highlighted as the Ink tool’s cursor hovers over it. Use Ctrl (Windows/Linux) or ⌘ (Mac OS X) to toggle between the two modes.
Mitre As you hover over two perpendicular or nearly perpendicular segments, a highlighted path with a corner is created. Clicking on these highlighted segments inks both segments and makes them appear as a single stroke with a corner or bend. Options include: As Is, Round, Miter, and Bevel.
Tip Style Lets you customize the edge of the Ink tool. Options include: Round, Flat, and Bevel.