The Explosion effect lets you create an explosion. As it is an Action node, it should be connected to the Particle System Composite after the Sprite Emitter. As the explosion occurs, the particles will burst rapidly away from the centre of the explosion (the centre of the defined Region), then gradually slow down.

Explosion Properties

Parameter Description
Name Lets you rename the node.

An on/off switch using binary code. 1 = on, 0 = off.

Coordinates Use the X, Y and Z fields to enter different position values to move the particle system around in 3D space. You can also connect a Peg node to the Explosion to manipulate its position with the Transform or Move tool.
Radius Defines the surface of an invisible sphere. As the explosion occurs, the exploded particles inside the boundaries of this sphere will be effected by the force of the explosion, while the particles that eventually pass through will remain unaffected.
Sigma The higher the Sigma value, the longer it takes for the particles to completely disappear, even if the initial explosion seems to occur just as rapidly.
Magnitude Defines the magnitude of the explosion. The greater the magnitude, the faster the particles break up.
Epsilon This value works in opposition to the Sigma value. The higher the value, the slower the initial explosion occurs. If the value is high (an integer value) then larger particles remain suspended for a longer period of time from the initial explosion and takes a while to gradually break down. A smaller (decimal) value breaks the particles down to smaller forms more rapidly from the time of the initial explosion.