Dithering is the process of approximating a higher number of colours in a low bit-depth colour system. Use the Dither effect to give the appearance of greater colour variability in 8-bit per channel colour images.

The Dither effect is useful in the case of a gradient that varies between 100 and 105 in the blue channel, for example. Since the difference in the colour values is not great, banding might appear in the image. In this case, use the Dither node to give the impression of greater values of blue, decreasing the unwanted banding effect.

The results of the dither operation may be imperceptible.

Dither Properties

Parameter Description
Magnitude A magnitude of 1 performs a normal dithering operation, using all bands of colour. A magnitude greater than 1 introduces a bias towards brighter colours. A magnitude of less than 1 creates a faster transition between bands of colour, lessening the bias towards brighter colours.
Correlate When selected, the three colour channels (RGB) are changed simultaneously, for better colour accuracy. When this option is not selected, the three channels are dithered separately, resulting in smoother transitions.
Random The standard algorithm for the dithering operation.