Blur - Radial

The Blur-Radial effect creates an effect that softens, fogs or obscures the image evenly in all directions. This effect is useful when you want to make cloudy images not realistically seen in detail, such as a drawing object that is farther back or in the background of your scene, usually blurry due to the laws of atmospheric perspective. Other uses include the general softening of objects such as snow, stars and shadows that do not naturally have a hard outline.

Use the Blur-Radial editor to change the values of the Blur effect.

Blur-Radial Properties

Parameter Description
Truck Factor Activated by default, this option readjusts the blur when the elements undergo a change of depth or scale. When this option is deselected, the effect's values remain unchanged regardless of any depth or scale changes. This option should be deselected when multiple drawings are composited and attached to this effect.
Radius Size of the blur. The larger the value, the greater the strength or reach of the blur. The blur radius is affected by the drawing scale and camera position. Click the Edit Curve button to change these values over time by adjusting the function curve.

Select High for a slow and accurate operation or Low for a faster operation with a more raw look.