Render Preferences

Parameter Description
Preview Options

Enable Blur: Renders blur effects derived from the Blur-Directional, Blur-Radial, and Blur-Variable in the Render View window.

Enable Line Texture: Renders line texture in the Render view.

Enable Focus: Renders focus effects from the Focus-Apply and Focus-Set nodes.

Preview Images

Cache Size in RAM (in Mb): Cache size in RAM for intermediate preview images (Mb).

Cache Path and Capacity on Disk (in MB): If this field is left empty, Harmony's temporary directory will be used to offload intermediate images. There is no disk usage limit for the temporary directory.

When you specify a folder, you must type in the capacity (in MB) inside the path. Use the following method: path;capacity in MB;
example: C:\user\tmp_image_folder;2000;

NOTE: The specified folder must already exist. If there is an error in the path, Harmony’s temporary directory will be used. You can also specify a RAM drive in the path.
Multi Threading

This lets you specify the level of parallel processing done during the final image calculation (soft-rendering). Allowing parallel processing speeds up the soft-render process.

Number of Rendering Threads: Lets you specify the number of parallel processes during the soft-render process. A value of 1 disables the multi-threading process because it specifies that only one rendering thread will be used during the process. The maximum number of threads is 64. The recommended starting value is 2 threads per CPU core, meaning that if you are using a 2 Quad Core CPU, the preferences should initially be set to 16 threads.

GPU Enable Graphic Card Acceleration: Optimizes the rendering blurs by using the GPU's acceleration capabilities. This option is on by default. Not all cards support this acceleration.