Adding and Deleting Keyframes

There are several different ways you can create keyframes. You can add a coordinate keyframe, position keyframe or a keyframe along with your drawing duplication.

You can create a keyframe without a drawing. This adds new coordinate points but the drawing in the layer stays the same. At the same time, you may also want to duplicate your drawing if you need to modify it and do not want to modify the original.

You can also add a position keyframe instead of a regular keyframe. When you do this, keyframes will only be added on the X, Y and Z parameters of the selected layer. Keyframes are not added on the Angle, Scale and Skew parameters.

NOTE: If you select a keyframe in the Timeline view and press the Delete key, you will also delete the drawing exposure. To only delete the keyframe, you must use the Delete Keyframe command—see Adding and Deleting Keyframes.