Customizing the Workspace

The Harmony interface is composed of several views. You can customize your workspace to suit your working style, save it as a new workspace, and load it from the Workspace toolbar.

The first time you open Harmony, the default workspace is loaded. Other workspaces are available such as the Hand-Drawn Animation and Compositing workspaces. These display different views and toolbars. You can access these workspaces, and any others you create, from the Windows menu and the Workspace toolbar.

By default, when you modify the look of a workspace, it is automatically saved. If you prefer to keep your workspaces as they are and only save the modifications when you really want to, you must disable the Automatically Save Workspace option.

The Workspace Manager allows you to modify, create, delete, rename and reorder you workspaces. You can save your workspace as a new version to avoid over-writing the current one. If you do not want to modify the current workspace, use the Workspace Manager to create another one and then modify that one.

You can also restore modified workspaces to their original default layout if you do not like the current modifications or inadvertently closed some windows.