Before installing Toon Boom Harmony, you must perform the following tasks:

Verifying the Minimum Requirements
Prerequisites for Harmony Installation
Pre-installation Configuration

For the most current Toon Boom Harmony hardware requirements, visit:

You can also refer to the Harmony and Your IT Department white paper available from:

Toon Boom Animation Sales Representative
Toon Boom Animation Support at:

For a fast database connection, it is necessary to set up extra network settings so clients can perform a fast Name Resolution of the server, as well as the server to the clients.

Obtaining the Product Code
Additional Network Settings

Obtaining the Product Code

You should obtain a product code from the Toon Boom licensor, so you can finish the installation process without having to wait for the activation code to arrive.

To obtain a Harmony 12.2.1 product code, send the following information to:

Your name and the name of your company
Email address where to send the license file

Additional Network Settings

NOTE: You should edit the hosts file only if there are problems or slowness when a computer is resolving names. DO NOT edit the hosts file unless there are problems resolving names on the network.

Before installation, configure your computer by performing the following tasks:

IMPORTANT: Inform your System Administrator before proceeding with these tasks.