Before installing Toon Boom Harmony, you must perform the following tasks:

Verifying the Minimum Requirements
Obtaining the Product Code
Checking Your Pre-installation Configuration

For the most current Toon Boom Harmony hardware requirements, visit:

You can also refer to the Harmony and Your IT Department white paper available from:

Toon Boom Animation Sales Representative
Toon Boom Animation Support at:

You should obtain a product code from the Toon Boom licensor, so you can finish the installation process without having to wait for the activation code to arrive.

To obtain a Harmony 12.2.1 product code, send the following information to:

Your name and the name of your company
Email address where to send the license file

Configure your computer before installation by instaling CentOS and disabling SELinux.

Updating the NVIDIA Drivers

You must install the recommended drivers for your NVIDIA video card, otherwise Harmony will not function.

In general, you should use the latest drivers. New drivers tend to resolve past driver issues. If you already have NVIDIA drivers installed, find the version number by typing:

cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | grep "X Driver"

Resolving Keyboard Conflicts

Some default keyboard shortcuts conflict with the shortcuts in Harmony and can prevent normal user operation.