Using Supervisory Schedules

A Supervisory schedule forces a machine to perform batch processing for a non-recurring period of time. This type of schedule, like the Periodic schedule, is optional. If you have a Supervisory schedule active for a period of time, the machine performs batch processing according to that schedule before it references the Periodic or Default schedules.

For example, you could force a machine to perform only Vectorize batch processing for the next four hours, ignoring any other scheduled type of batch processing during that time.

A Supervisory schedule consists of a list of batch processing jobs for which you must define a start and end date and time. Each job has its own set of batch processing parameters that are independent of the other jobs in the schedule.

NOTE: The Supervisory schedule holds the highest priority level, superseding the Periodic schedule and Default schedule. Therefore, if you have an active Supervisory schedule, the machine follows this schedule before it follows the Periodic or Default schedules.

This section is divided as follows:

Displaying Supervisory Schedules
Setting a Supervisory Schedule
Clearing a Supervisory Schedule
Using Default Schedules.
Using Periodic Schedules.