Locking Drawings

Locked Drawings

The drawings are stored on the server database providing access to them from every client machine. They are locked to avoid different users from modifying the same drawings simultaneously. Only one person at a time can get the rights to modify them. The drawing rights are independent from the scene rights because in a production rush, two users may need to work on the same scene to finish painting the drawings faster. One user will get the rights for one set of drawings, and the second user the rights to another set of drawings. This prevents work from being duplicated.

When enabled, the Edit Drawings mode gives you the right to modify drawings, as well as create new drawings by drawing directly on an empty cell. This mode is enabled by default when you open a scene version with the rights enabled.

NOTE: If you open the scene with full rights from the Welcome screen or Control Center, the Edit Drawing mode is not available.

When you disable the Edit Drawing Mode, you can use the Get Rights to Modify Drawings option on a selection of specific drawings. This is useful when, for example, many users are working on the same scene during the ink and paint process and they want to split the drawings to paint between them.

Also, once you got the rights to modify drawings, you can release these rights if necessary.

If your system crashes and the drawings remain locked, you can force the release of the rights. You must use this option carefully as data loss may occur if the scene is currently open and being edited by another person. Verify that no one else is using the scene prior to forcing the release of the drawing rights.

Since the drawings are stored on the server, you might at times need to refresh the drawings that are displayed in your scene.