Chapter 11: Introduction

Harmony is a complete animation software allowing you to create all kinds of creative animation projects. It comes with a very wide variety of tools and features.

In the Getting Started Guide, you will learn about the main features covering the basic concepts of Toon Boom Harmony, which will quickly bring you up to speed. Refer to the complete Toon Boom Harmony documentation available online at to learn about all the tools and options, as well as advanced techniques.

This guide is divided as follows:

About the Welcome Screen
How to Create a Scene
About the Interface
How to Draw
How to Paint
How to Create a Traditional Animation
How to Morph Drawings
How to Import Bitmap Images
How to Build a Cut-out Character
How to Use Deformers
How to Animate a Cut-out Character
How to Create Templates
How to Set Up a Scene
How to Create a Multiplane
How to Set Up Objects in 3D Space
How to Animate Objects and the Camera
How to Import Sound and Add Lip-Sync
How to Add Effects to a Scene
How to Export a Movie