Pencil Line Texture

You can apply a texture to a pencil line. Pencil lines support texture. Before drawing, you can select or import a texture and apply it to your lines. You can also change it afterwards using the Select tool. Textures are independent from pencil templates.

When you import a texture in your pencil styles, it is saved in your scene. If you want to add that texture to a bank that you will reuse in different scenes, you can add that texture to your preferences.

There is a pencil texture palette created in each scene. In order for this palette to be created, you need to draw a pencil stroke using texture. To see it, you need to enable the Advance Palette Lists option. Once enabled, you will see a palette named pencilstyle_opacity in your palette list.

For advanced usage, you can assign a custom palette as your pencil texture palette. All textures used to draw in your scene will be added to this custom palette. This gives you the ability to save your custom palette at the Environment or Job level if you want to reuse that palette in more than one scene.