Minimum and Maximum Angle

Harmony allows you to set a minimum and maximum angle constraint on certain joints, such as the knees or elbows. When using the Inverse Kinematics tool or even the Forward Kinematics (Transform tool), it is possible that some joints will bend in the wrong direction.

If you plan to animate a lot with the Inverse Kinematics tool, it's a good idea to try the angle constraints. The angle constraints can be set by the character builder or by the animator in particular scenes where it's needed.


It is recommended to use the minimum and maximum angles only if the character does not change view within the same layers. For example, if a character is facing the camera and has some angle limitations enabled, it could be problematic if the character switches to side or quarter view since the joints won't bend the same way.

Use the minimum and maximum angle constraints if your character's views are in different templates or layers. If the character's views are in the same layers, then it's better not to use the angle constraints.