Adjusting the Ease

To add ease in and ease out on motion paths, you can display the function curve and modify the Bezier or Ease curve. To apply an ease to multiple functions and keyframes, use the Set Ease for Multiple Parameters feature and set the amount desired.

The velocity, or ease, is used on motion keyframes. The velocity must be adjusted directly on the function curve in the Function view or Function editor. When a keyframe is selected, easing values appear in the right handle and left handle fields, as well as the Bezier handle or Ease wheel controls on each selected keyframe. You can pull on them to adjust the ease in and ease out, or type values in the fields.

If there are several functions whose velocity you want to adjust at the same time, such as the hand, forearm and arm of a cut-out character, you can apply the same velocity parameters to all the selected keyframes in one frame.