Keyframes and Drawing Blocks

When you extend the exposure of a drawing, it is represented by a grey block in the Timeline view. When you expose a second drawing, a second grey block is displayed.

You can consider these blocks as drawing blocks.

Drawing Blocks

To animate the position of a block over time, you don't need to create a second block, just add a position keyframe. The position keyframes are coordinates indicating the position of your drawing on a particular frame. These appear as black squares in the Timeline view.

In the example below, notice that the keyframes are positioned on frames independently from the beginning and end of each drawing block.

Keyframes and Drawing Blocks

You can keyframe three different positions for a drawing in the same drawing block and create a motion path between them.

Creating Keyframes and Drawings in the Timeline View

You can see how the Timeline view behaves differently depending on whether you create a new drawing, a new keyframe, or both at the same time.