Exporting and Importing Data

With Harmony, you can import and export data.

You can use Control Center's export utility to migrate scenes from your system for archival purposes or third parties, and you can use the import utility to integrate scenes into a Harmony environment.

You can use Control Center's export utility to copy scene data. After Harmony copies the exported data to a temporary directory, you can move the archived data to your storage device (for example, a CD or tape drive).

Harmony creates two files during export:

README.txt: Includes export statistics, such as creation date and user ID
IEContents.dat: Includes export parameters

In Linux, exporting your scenes using the Export command makes Harmony copy scene information and link information to the temporary export directory you selected. Therefore, you must retrieve the animation data from your server and copy it, along with the database information, to your storage device.

NOTE: You can compress the export package to make it transportable. However, it will resolve hard links and symbolic links, which might be contrary to your export options.

Copying the exported data to a storage device is a two-fold process. Copy the exported animation files to a file on the storage device. Then remove the temporary export data from your system.

If the imported files are compressed, you must decompress them to a temporary directory before you can import them into Harmony. If you don't know how to decompress these files, see your system administrator.

If you have any problems importing or exporting in Harmony, review the instructions to make sure you have followed them completely. If you continue to have problems, consult the following list to troubleshoot common import and export problems.

Problem: Import or Export Not Successful

If the transfer is not successful, an error dialog box appears to describe the problem. The most common reason for a failed transfer is due to your current network permissions. See your system administrator for help.

If the transfer fails in the middle of the process, the files that were imported or exported may be corrupt or incomplete.

For a failed import, use Control Center to delete the scene.
For a failed export, manually delete the incomplete export folder.

If you click the Message Log tab, you can see more detailed descriptions, including error messages.