Painting the Model

Now that you've created the colours and the palette, you're ready to paint your model.

The colour model needs to be painted in order to adjust the colours with the other elements in the production. You can paint your model regardless of the colour RGBA and adjust them later when all the elements are together.

Once your palette is created and your model is painted, you can import a key background and other characters using the Import Drawings option or the Library to compare and adjust the palettes—see Importing Models to learn how to import your background file.

Balancing the colours

For paperless and cut-out animation, it's a good idea to provide a line-up template with the colour model to show the scale ratio between the characters, props and backgrounds.

Nautilus - Gava Productions - Character Line Up

Once your colour model is completed, create a line-up template by pasting one of the production's main characters, or even just a hand, beside the colour model to show the relative size. This allows the animator, layout artist, or scene setup artist to retain the correct scaling throughout the entire project when setting the elements in the scene. You can store your template in the Library.