Server License via Internet

Your computer must have a working Internet connection to perform an online activation.

The Activation Wizard is automatically displayed the first time you start your Toon Boom product, and is displayed each time you start the Toon Boom application until you activate it.

  1. Start the License Wizard—see How to start the License Wizard.

The Welcome screen appears.

  1. Click Activate License.
  1. Click Internet Activation.

  1. Click Network License to activate your Toon Boom product on the server.

NOTE: If you don't have an Internet connection on your server, click Alternative Activation and then see Server License via Email.
  1. Enter the product code you received by email.

  1. In the License Count field, enter the exact number of seats associated with your product code. The number of seats is available below the product code if you have a registration card.

  1. Click Activate to start the validation process.

Congratulations! Your Toon Boom product is now activated on your server.

  1. Click Install License Server to install the License Daemon on your server. By doing so, the License Server application will automatically start when you turn on your server.
NOTE: On certain operating systems, you might be asked to enter the administrator password to authorize the installation of the license daemon.

Install License Server

Your license is successfully set up. You can now quit the License Wizard and install your Toon Boom product on a client workstation machine.

  1. Click Finish to close the License Wizard.
  1. To connect a client, see Connect Client to License Server.
NOTE: NOTE: On Windows, you may have issues with the Windows Firewall. Add the following to your list of allowed programs and features: lmgrd.exe and toonboom.exe.